Jon Bonjovi的專輯
Blaze Of Glory

01.Billy Get Your Guns          
03.Blaze Of Glory     
04.Blood Money     
05.Sante Fe     
06.Justice In The Barrel     
07.Never Say Die     
08.You Really Got Me Now         
09.Bang A Drum     
10.Dyin' Ain't Much Of A Livin'         
11.Guano City

Destination Anywhere

01. Queen of New Orleans
02. Janie, Don't Take Your Love to Town
03. Midnight in Chelsea
04. Ugly
05. Staring at Your Window With a Suitcase in My Hand
06. Every Word Was a Piece of My Heart
07. It's Just Me
08. Destination Anywhere
09. Learning How to Fall
10. Naked
11. Little City
12. August 7
13. Cold Hard Heart

Richie Sambora
Stranger in This Town

01.Rest In Peace     
02.Church Of Desire
03.Stranger In This Town
04.Ballad Of Youth     
05.One Light Burning     
06.Mr. Bluesman     
08.River Of Love     
09.Father Time     
10.The Answe

Undiscovered Soul

1.Made In America
2.Hard Times Come Easy
3.Fallen From Graceland
4.If God Was A Woman
5.All That Really Matters
6.You're Not Alone
7.In It For Love
9.Harlem Rain
10.Who I Am
11.Downside Of Love
12.Undiscovered Soul

Aftermath of the Lowdown

1."Burn the Candle Down"4:24
2."Every Road Leads Home to You"4:40
3."Taking a Chance on the Wind"4:47
5."Weathering the Storm" (Sambora, Bernie Taupin)4:49
6."Sugar Daddy" 4:37
7."I'll Always Walk Beside You"5:03
8."Seven Years Gone"5:36
9."Learning How to Fly with a Broken Wing" (Sambora, Phil Cassens)4:35
10."You Can Only Get So High" (Sambora, Cassens) 6:32
11.Backseat Driver" (Japan Bonus Track)"4:12
12."World" (Sambora, Bruce Foster)2:22

David Bryan
On a Full Moon
滿月之夜 1995

02.In These Arms
03.It's a Long Road
05.Kissed by an Angel
06.Endless Horizon
07.Lullaby for Two Moons
09.Midnight Voodoo
10.Room Full of Blues
11.Hear Our Prayer
12. Summer of Dreams
13.Up the River
14.Netherworld Waltz

Lunar Eclipse
月蝕 2000

01.Second Chance - new
02.I Can Love - new
03.It's a Long Road
04.On a Full Moon
06.Kissed by an Angel
07.Endless Horizon
08.Lullaby for Two Moons
10.Room Full of Blues
11.Hear Our Prayer
12.Summer of Dreams
13.Up the River
14.Netherworld Waltz
15.In These Arms [Vocal Version]- new

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